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Wimble Wellness is a non-profit, community organisation (social enterprise). Although a source of health and fitness opinion, the primary activities involve delivering free and affordable stress-beating Mindfulness and Mindful Motion relaxation classes and workshops to school children and people affected by cancer.

This organisation was founded by Darren Yap in 2001. Darren is a wellness coach, and offers Mindful Motion, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Mindfulness Meditation to clients to help them to achieve inner peace, de-stress, quit smoking, lose weight and get fit amongst other things. He works with clients of all levels of fitness and ability including the elderly and cancer patients.

Since graduating in 1993, he has pursued a career in various roles working for organisations such as Barclays Bank and Kingston University, so has a very good understanding of what it is like to lead a hectic and busy life, while maintaining both good physical and mental health.

Why so much emphasis on Mindfulness, Mindful Motion and Meditation?

Darren has always been passionate about spreading joy and harmony, which comes about from an holistic approach to good health, covering mind and body. And whilst he is still very passionate about nutrition and physical fitness, it has become very important especially in recent years to really promote the idea of the mind body connection as there are so many people who accept that they must do something about their physical health and yet the whole issue of mental health is still a massive taboo subject in the UK as well as in other Western Countries.

The reality is that we cannot hope to truly achieve total well-being without improving both our physical and mental health in tandem. Mindfulness can help the practitioner to get in the space between thoughts and achieve inner calm; Mindful Motion achieves this through movement, covering both the body and mind aspects which is why Darren founded Wimble Wellness.

And so, Darren teaches Mindfulness and Mindful Motion to help people to achieve a sense of inner calm in a modern world.

As featured on radio!

I had the pleasure of meeting Darren through my work with Radio Jackie. I found a deeply intelligent man with an ability to blend down to earth common sense and scientific thought cleverly with a more esoteric understanding of Chinese medicine and energy meridians. He provides a compassionate attitude and pleasant surroundings.

EFT is a powerful technology that I would like to see taught everywhere. I recommend this man highly.” Neil Long, neillong.com

I was sceptical, initially, but Darren encouraged me to continue with the therapy. I’m glad he did because it totally turned my life around! I have a new found lease of life and look forward to the future. I can’t thank him enough!” JM, York

Thanks for what you did the other day. My cravings have gone. My arm no longer hurts. It is truly amazing. If they come back I will continue with the techniques. I am also very busy at work and I am content with it and enjoying it. Thank you again.” Oliver, Portsmouth

Professional but relaxed.

Amazing. I saw bright colours.

A lot of food for thought!


All images courtesy of Alex Yap, Unsplash and Corel.

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