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relax – restore – re-energise

Do you want to move with more flow and balance?

Are you struggling to find an exercise class that suits your busy schedule?

Perhaps you’re a beginner to tai chi and prefer learning in private?

Well, now you can improve movement, mobility and mindfulness with this online video and text resource of mind-body practices helping you to reconnect with the body for greater flow and inner calm.

  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Strengthen your body
  • Feel calmer
  • Improve your balance
  • Beat stress and anxiety
  • Develop your flexibility
  • Explore within
  • Level up your life

This is about focused body development, using gentle movement to reconnect with the body using mindful movement.

I know you’re busy and that’s why each video is between 5 and 30 minutes long. If you want a longer session, you can follow a few plans linking the videos together.

The library is perfect if you want to train at home or want to train on your own in addition to the classes that I run. Or simply for reference.

Can you tell me more about the content?

At the time of updating this page, the Library includes enough to create a regular and varied daily practice with:

  • An updated monthly lesson plan with suggestions for different experience levels
  • 6 chi kung mindful motion routines
  • 4 tai chi videos covering 1 long form
  • A meditation primer, Five Days to Inner Calm.

Over time, the library will include videos and explanations covering the following:

  • More detailed information on our gentle restorative chi kung routine
  • An energising chi kung routine
  • New chi kung mindful motion and tai chi routines
  • More detail on the tai chi form
  • Another tai chi form
  • Move of the month
  • New Warm up exercises
  • New tai chi exercise routines
  • Seated variation of the restorative chi kung
  • Updated lesson plans
  • How to use the chi kung routines for personal exploration
  • How to use chi kung and tai chi to reducing stress and anxiety, and clear other emotional issues
  • How to use tai chi and chi kung to level up your life
  • Bonus one-to-one induction for Founder members
  • Bonus live private workshops
  • Bonus mindfulness introductory course, 5 Days to Inner Calm course

In summary, everything that I’ve taught in live classes and workshops plus much more!

How many times can I access this library every week?

You can access this library as many times as you want throughout the week.

You could, for instance, do a brief wake up session at the start of the day and finish the day with a 10 minute relaxing session before bed, as well as doing 30 minutes every evening.

Additionally, every month, a new Lesson Plan is published that gives options for training depending on your personal schedule.

How do I subscribe?

Join as a Founder member

The membership is being introduced at £3 per week to Founder members.

As a Founder member, you are helping me to cover the initial costs of building this library; as more material is added, the price will be reviewed but Founder member subscription rates will remain at this low price.

Founder members will all receive a one-to-one induction as a special bonus.

All major cards accepted.

Two membership options: standard Wimble Library membership and Wimble Library+.

Standard Wimble Library membership
Price: £3 per week. No setup fee. All major cards accepted.

Wimble Library+
Price: £10 per week. This includes:

  • access to the Library
  • access to all live online classes
  • access to Thrive Under Pressure online mindfulness course, worth £299

No setup fee. All major cards accepted.

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