Mindfulness Teacher Training

Our training opportunities

Whether you practice meditation regularly and wish to become a teacher or are a Mindfulness teacher looking for additional training, you can find a teacher training course suitable for you.

For meditation practitioners

Do you want to learn how to teach meditation, perhaps to members of the public or privately for local businesses?

There are a couple of options available to you:

  • learn to teach Mindfulness meditation
  • learn to teach Mindful Motion
  • deliver both forms of Mindfulness teaching above.

For mindfulness teachers

Perhaps you're just starting out as a mindfulness teacher or are well-established but you're looking to teach something a bit more active and in-depth than mindful walking? Why not learn to become a Mindful Motion teacher. You will be taught a full range of established movements including warm up exercises, one-off movements and sequences of movements.

Mindful Motion is based on tai chi, chi kung and yoga with elements of calisthenics.

For school teachers

  • learn how to teach Mindfulness to your pupils
  • if you're already delivering Mindfulness sessions or have trained in Mindfulness for education, learn Mindful Motion to add an extra element to your classes.

For PE teachers and sports coaches

As a PE teacher, you know that movement is important. It is also important to focus on being in the present moment. With Mindful Motion, we combine Mindfulness with movement, training people to achieve that sense of inner calm and focus through activity.

In Mindful Motion, students also learn about how to move in a more holistic way that can benefit other sports. It is useful in strengthening the legs and core as well as encouraging the practitioner to move more economically and effectively.

  • use Mindful Motion at the start of session for a more holistic approach to student wellbeing
  • use Mindful Motion and Mindfulness to get school teams to focus and manage pre-competition stress and anxiety
  • teach Mindful Motion as a different form of exercise/sport

What next?

If you would like to find out more, please call Darren Yap on 07977 135506.

You can find out further details of each course here: http://wimble.com/mindfulmotion/training-2/