Somatic mindset training for coaches and therapists

Introductory workshop

Would you like to learn how to use graceful movement to help your clients to overcome mindset blocks?

My name is Darren Yap, I’m a tai chi teacher and EFT therapist. 15 years ago, I developed a system that combines tai chi and energy psychology (EFT) to help people to deal with mind gremlins, anxiety, addiction, stress and other emotional issues.

Called the EAST Method, I’ve now decided to give this system away in live online workshops because I realised that the world needs this right now!

By teaching you how to do this, you can help your clients… and by proxy, I’m helping more people! I love leverage!

As this is an experiential session, here are some things for you to consider.

Are you frustrated with how you show up in the world?

Do you hold yourself back from achieving your goals?

Ever wonder what is going on in your subconscious?

In this workshop, you will learn simple techniques that get you out of your head and bring you back home to the body where you will discover the emotional blocks that are holding you back from the goals that you set out to achieve.

-learn the subtle hints that your body is telling you
-reconnect with your body for a greater understanding of the real you
-begin the journey to unshackling yourself from your past

The training will be completely free of charge because I am going to use these live sessions to develop my training delivery. Win-win.

The session will last 1 hour.

There will be no certification provided as this is a freeform workshop.

If you’re not a therapist or coach, you’re welcome to attend for learning purposes.

For dates and to sign up, please register your interest via the Contact Us page.

Professional Training Course

I am now offering more in-depth training in the EAST Method. This is aimed at coaches who want to use movement to help their clients to overcome mindset blocks and limiting beliefs.

This training will comprise 6 weeks of training, 1 hour per week, with a bonus Q&A catch up a month after the end of the course.

Topics covered:

  • The development of the EAST Method.
  • Why movement can help with coaching and therapy
  • The 4 movement sets/routines – learning and teaching
  • The role of mindfulness and body mindfulness
  • Somatic awareness and how to use it
  • Using movement to over come mindset blocks
  • Systematic and story approaches
  • Drilling deeper
  • How it works
  • How to implement with a client

Darren is a great teacher and really explains well the ins and out of the EAST Method, how to use it and the watch-outs with clients as well. I can see myself using this with coaching clients and for me too!

Gwenaelle Deloux

The cost for this training will be £249.

For £249, you get access to the live training and the recordings which will be made available after each session.

Previous attendees are welcome to attend as a refresher for a reduced price – please ask.

In order to sign up, please apply via the Contact Form.

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