Stand Up – Be Counted

A network of coaches and mentors to support BAME young adults in the workplace

Evidently, it’s tougher for people of BAME backgrounds in the working world. The good old glass ceiling. But even getting to the glass ceiling is tougher.

This is a free service to help BAME young adults.

I can’t do this alone so are you interested in volunteering your time?

Basing it loosely on Kingston University’s Beyond Barriers programme (of which I’ve been a volunteer for 4 years), you would have to be able to offer at least 1 hour per month for 6 months.

This is about helping them to take things to the next level, whatever that means for where they are in life – to find clarity and move forward.

Together, we can empower everyone to thrive in the workplace.

Want coaching? Fill in the contact form!

If you’re a qualified coach then we would be delighted to have your help.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, then you can learn more about mentoring here:

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