Daily Online Stress Reduction Classes for Beginners – Tai Chi and Mindfulness

FREE online chi kung mindful motion course for beginners

This 4 week course starts Wednesday 10th June to 1st July, 2pm-2.30pm.

restore – enhance – calm

Chi kung mindful motion is a sequence of slow, gentle, mindful exercises performed standing in place that can help you to beat stress and anxiety.

-learn how chi kung can help you to improve your overall health
-experience the calming power of these simple exercises
-discover the stress and anxiety-busting effects that focusing on movement can have

Register at http://www.wimble.com/contactus/

Mindfulness and tai chi classes to beat Coronavirus stress and anxiety

🤍 Reduce feelings of overwhelm
🤍 Avoid burnout
🤍 Experience deep relaxation through mindful movement
🤍 Free for all keyworkers

It’s a stressful and anxious time for all so join us for our daily online classes where you can try a variety of different techniques to help you to find inner calm.

All sessions are accessible on most devices with the Zoom app and you don’t need to be visible.

Our current options:
Bloom Mindfulness – experience inner calm by focusing on the present moment through the breath, the body and your environment. Experience the BLOOM Framework in action, using the world around us to reduce stress and anxiety
Mindful Motion – gentle mindful exercises standing in place to help you to achieve inner calm incorporating chi kung movements.
Tai Chi – a gentle flowing sequence of movements which brings inner calm and tranquility

Did a session of beginners chi kung with meditation with Darren. We enjoyed the session of slow stretching and attention to breathing. Found it loosened joints making us feel relaxed. The end meditation was also relaxing which for us was great. Darren also explained it as we went along. Would definitely recommend this session. Thanks Darren.

Jennie Marks and Grace

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The price is Pay What You Want.

Free for all keyworkers including NHS nurses, postal workers and bus drivers. Contact us for details.

Please use this secure payment to book your place for each class. Various options allow students to pay in bulk for multiple classes. All major cards accepted.

Daily class donation: £6 (attend just one class)
Weekly class donation: £10 (attend as many classes in one week as you want)

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Your online class has enabled us to energise as well as clear our minds and to keep up the good practises we had developed in the normal class environment. It’s also so good to have some visual face to face catch ups with others in the class which make us feel less isolated. All good.

Heather and Ian

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