Stress reduction for busy people

Modern life is hectic and highly stressful.

We teach busy people how to achieve inner calm in their everyday life with Mindfulness and Mindful Motion.

Workshops, training days, one-to-ones - you can learn how to beat stress and anxiety by integrating various Mindfulness techniques even though you are rushed off your feet!

Our focus is on a no-nonsense approach - you will learn practical techniques that are easy to do.

Why Mindfulness?

Beat stress
Improve performance at work
Enhance concentration
Enjoy better relationships

Do you want to get the best out of your staff?

Does stress in your workplace result in sickness and lower productivity?

Are you concerned with your staff’s well-being?

Find out more about our Mindfulness workshops.

Find out more about Tai Chi classes and courses in SW London. Suitable for beginners, you will learn and practice tai chi and chi kung movements, while improving your balance, strengthening your legs and developing a deeper sense of relaxation.

Are you a competitive sports person?

Are you looking for that edge to help you to take your game to the next level?

Check out our Sports Performance Coaching service to find out how you can turn your game around.

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