Learn how you too can stand out from the crowd…

…to confidently grow your business

Do you wish you could stand out in your crowded marketplace?

Do you feel like a fraud?

Do you also wish you could embrace your authentic self with purpose, passion and confidence?

You are passionate about helping your clients but…

  • you don’t quite feel that you’re good enough
  • you feel that being an introvert is holding you back
  • you believe that other more famous, established, outgoing professionals in your field are much better than you
  • you feel like you need to know more, get more training or read yet another book
  • you feel like a fraud
  • you feel confused and overwhelmed
  • you’re just not ready to help your clients
  • and you realise that you’re not really any different from others in your industry offering very similar services to you.

Do you feel any of the above?

Some people call this feeling, “Imposter Syndrome”, and it comes from doubting and downplaying your own skills, experiences, accomplishments and knowledge – and that sooner or later, someone is going to catch you out and prove that you are a “fraud”!

A new beginning

My name’s Darren Yap. I’m a wellness coach and for years, I always felt a little inferior compared to others whether I was helping people to achieve their goals, teaching tai chi or training people in mindfulness.

However, in 2020 I felt like I was given a kick up the rear. Something clicked (in my head – not my rear!) and I realised that I needed to offer my services as a coherent whole rather than separate services in order to stand out from the crowd (of billions(!) of tai chi teachers and mindfulness teachers now offering their services online), and the EAST Method was formally born.

This was a chance to embrace my authentic self by offering everything that I am and do in order to serve and help others to achieve their dreams… rather than trying to be someone else, act like someone else or only show one aspect of me.

I applied what I now call the 3 Es of Expert You, which takes aspects of a person’s life, career and play to create my unique service while embracing who I really am.

Not only did I feel more confident but I had a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

You can now access my free guide to learn and apply how I overcame this feeling by using the 3 Es and the EAST Method:

  • beat imposter syndrome
  • stand out from the crowd
  • embrace your authentic self
  • experience genuine confidence
  • stop feeling like a fraud
  • rediscover your purpose and passion
  • stop trying to be someone else
  • and, of course, get better results for your clients.

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