Staff Inset Days and After-School Training

Happy teachers = happy students

Did you know that 45% of sick days are caused by stress?

And that one in 83 teachers (3,750) are on long-term leave for stress and mental health issues*?

And this stress in your school can result in sickness and lower productivity which leads to poorer exam results?

We help teachers to thrive under pressure by delivering no-nonsense, practical wellbeing programmes that are customised to your requirements and enable your staff to experience greatly reduced stress, resulting in improved productivity and fewer sick days.

Stress Reduction Mindfulness Training – 1 hour training package

A relaxing but useful reward for your staff at the end of a long, stressful day.

With a stress reduction workshop for your school staff during an inset day (or at the end of the school day), they can learn to manage stress and anxiety resulting in happier staff, happier students and better exam results!

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and how being in the moment can beat stress and anxiety
  • How busy professionals can integrate Mindfulness into their stressful lives
  • How to improve communication using Mindfulness
  • Various Mindfulness exercises
  • How to use movement to be more present with Mindful Motion
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Reduced staff absenteeism
  • Includes follow-up online session

Darren has worked with staff to develop their understanding of mindfulness in order to improve the positive wellbeing of pupils. He has given us a wealth of techniques to improve our own mindfulness during group sessions and online tutorials enabling us to practise these skills at home and in school with children. His calm approach along with his wealth of knowledge has engaged and inspired staff to further pursue their own wellbeing.
Jane Pipe, Headteacher, Meath Green Infant School

Note: due to the pandemic, these workshops are currently held online.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call Darren on 07977 135506 or fill in the following form.

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    Take the Stress Management Competency Indicator Test

    You can try this handy tool by the HSE to determine how effectively you are dealing with stress in your workplace: Stress management competency indicator tool mcit

    Other options

    Half-day wellbeing package

    A treat for your staff after a morning of Inset meetings and training!

    This is a chance for your staff to experience different styles of deep relaxation as well as learn how to implement these approaches in their everyday life.

    • Part 1: Introduction to Mindfulness – using the BLOOM approach (approx. 45 mins, 10 mins Q&A). Participants will learn a variety of practical, down-to-earth techniques for benefiting from mindfulness as a form of stress and anxiety reduction using the BLOOM method that I have personally developed.
    • Part 2: Introduction to Mindful Motion – chi kung and tai chi for beginners (approx. 50 mins). In this session, attendees will be able to reconnect with their bodies for greater calming by enjoying some basic, gentle movement.
    • Part 3: Introduction to improving your mental health – with the HAPPY Way (approx. 45 mins, 10 mins Q&A). This session covers a modernised approach that I created to manage and improve your mental health by implementing ancient concepts based on tai chi, mindfulness and chi kung.

    4 session training programme

    This option is the best choice for helping your staff to establish their mindfulness practice and achieve long-lasting results in terms of reduced stress and improved wellbeing.

    A four week course, 1 hour per week, covering the various topics described above:

    • Mindfulness exercises
    • Integrating Mindfulness into busy lives
    • Mindful talking
    • Mindful listening
    • Mindful Motion
    • Examining underlying sources of stress
    • Time Management
    • Mindset training
    • Mood light
    • Meditative music

    This option will really help staff to manage stress by making Mindfulness part of their lives.

    We were really impressed with Wimble Wellness when Darren came in to work with our 6th Form students. They explored a variety of techniques to cope with and alleviate stress which the students found worked not only with their exam preparation, but in everyday life. The staff that also attended the session were incredibly positive about the weekly sessions.
    Dave Harris, Blenheim High School

    I came into school especially for the session and I found it very interesting as I have been wanting to practice mindfulness techniques for years and have never taken the time to do anything about it. I plan to practice daily and will try one or two of the techniques on the child I work with too as I think it may well be beneficial for him.
    Thank you for providing the opportunity.

    8 hour teacher training

    Your staff can learn how to run Mindfulness sessions for the students, leading short sessions that can be run at the start of a class, in assembly, during lunch time or at the start of the day.

    • Drip-feed your students with Mindfulness to help them to become more focused, relaxed, patient, and compassionate
    • 5 “BLOOM” Mindful Modules: Breathe, Listen, Observe, Occupy, Move. Provides variety and interest for your students.
    • Deeper mindfulness practice for the teachers
    • Includes practice training sessions (role playing) in leading the modules
    • Small groups of 3 to 16 teachers, ensuring high standards of training
    • 8 sessions followed by 1 month of online post-training support
    • Further training available after initial training to keep students interested

    Darren has given us a range of resources and strategies which has given me the skills and confidence needed to introduce mindfulness to my class. 
    His sessions were very practical and allowed us to experience and implement different techniques suitable for both the staff and children. 
    As a yoga instructor I was grateful for Darren’s help in guiding me on my own mindfulness journey.

    For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call Darren on 07977 135506.