Business Growth and Mindset Coaching – work with me

Do you feel stuck as you try to grow your business?

Would it feel easier to plan your way forward if you had someone by your side?

It’s time to get serious.

Your business is doing well but you’ve hit a plateau and you’re frustrated or filled with anxiety, fear or just feel crap about it but can’t put your finger on why.

And you’re ridiculously busy, feeling overwhelmed and not sure how you’re going to be able to take your business to the next level.

I get it. For many business owners, while they are experiencing the success they dreamed of, they’re still not happy.

Here’s the thing.

Your inner demons are getting in your own way.

The self-belief and core programming is keeping you at this plateau.

They’re holding you back.

You know it’s possible to achieve more and with greater ease and joy in your business.

And yet you’re no longer enjoying the journey.

Let me guide you through the mire as you take your business to that next level, whatever you envision this to be.

I will work with you to develop your authentic plan to move beyond your current paradigm, whether it’s a marketing strategy, developing the product (service) or dealing with any limiting beliefs that are making business more difficult than it needs to be.

You will benefit from my decades of experience where I’ve helped to build up businesses from nothing to multiple six figures AND my work as a coach and therapist dealing with the mindset that holds back business owners from achieving their dreams.

Who am I?

The last couple of decades I’ve been involved in helping small businesses and small business units of larger organisations with marketing and business development taking them from loss or startup to 6 figures. I was getting involved with the deep, high-level work like planning, strategy, product development and budgeting.

I’ve also been training as a coach and therapist dealing with mindset and limiting beliefs.

And over 35+ years, I’ve developed my skills in mindfulness and tai chi to bring a further angle to dealing with anything that can get in your way.

Throughout, my approach has been one of improvement and streamlining, figuring out how to reduce effort, time and cost while achieving the best results. Some call this lazy – I call this working smarter, not harder.

Details of programme

You get a year’s 1-2-1 support, once a week.

We’ll deal with any of the following

-Growth Planning and Strategy
-Premium programme or course development
-Data analysis

-Problem solving

This is not just being your typical business mentor – I’ll be going a lot deeper.


Unlike other coaches I’m going to give it to you straight.
No mind tricks.
No emotional manipulation.
No deadlines to create a false sense of urgency.
No bonuses.
No BS.

Move Beyond Programme
-Sign up for 3 months minimum
-1 hour per week
-£1500 for 3 months (£500 per month)
-Then £5000 for next 12 months (£417 per month)

Move Beyond X Programme
-£2500 for 3 months including 6 wildcard bonus calls throughout the programme if necessary (£834pm)
-Then £9000 for 12 months (£750pm)

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