Darren Yap empowers busy business owners who feel stuck and frustrated to move out of their own way so that they can confidently level up their business and life with ease.

He employs a variety of techniques including breath training, mindset development, mindful movement, creative problem solving and mindful practices.

With over 35 years of martial arts, mindfulness and movement training as well as therapy, coaching, mentoring and corporate experience, he brings a wealth of understanding and concepts for personal development. He knows what it’s like to be frustrated with marketing strategies, overwhelmed with work, dealing with tight deadlines and demanding colleagues and customers!

Helping to create a better community

Wimble Wellness is a community-focused organisation (social enterprise). Although a source of health and fitness opinion, the primary activities involve delivering free and affordable stress-beating mindfulness and mindful movement relaxation classes and workshops to school children and people affected by cancer.

This organisation was founded by Darren Yap in 2001. Darren is a wellness coach, and offers tai chi, mindfulness, meditation, mindful movement, chi kung (qi gong), Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki to help busy people to achieve inner peace, de-stress, quit smoking, lose weight and improve their wellbeing. He works with clients of all levels of fitness and ability including the elderly and cancer patients.

Since graduating in 1993, he has pursued a career in various roles working for organisations such as Barclays Bank and Kingston University, so has a very good understanding of what it is like to lead a hectic and busy life, while maintaining both good physical and mental health.

When not working, Darren can be found on a tennis court frantically trying to hit the ball back over the net, practising tai chi, painting abstract art or reading a non-fiction book.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and a Focus on Mindfulness and Meditation

Darren has always been passionate about spreading joy and harmony, which comes about from an holistic approach to good health, covering mind and body. And whilst he is still very passionate about nutrition and physical fitness, it has become very important especially in recent years to really promote the idea of the mind body connection as there are so many people who accept that they must do something about their physical health and yet the whole issue of mental health is still a massive taboo subject in the UK as well as in other Western Countries.

The reality is that we cannot hope to truly achieve total well-being without improving both our physical and mental health in tandem. Mindfulness can help the practitioner to get in the space between thoughts and achieve inner calm; mindful movement achieves this by gently moving the body, covering both the body and mind aspects which is why Darren founded Wimble Wellness.

And so, Darren teaches mindfulness and mindful movement to help people to achieve a sense of inner calm in a modern world.


Tanya Nash, Coach

Darren, thanks for a very enjoyable strategy session, including a mindset Tai Chi technique I really liked. Your questions made me think and I came away feeling clearer and with practical next steps to get me moving forward.” Rhian Peebles

I found it really helpful to solidify in my mind the changes I want to make and why I want to make them.” Celia Griver

The strategy call with Darren gave me clarity on how I’ve been slowing down my progress in business, what my next step is, and practical tools to tackle the current challenges.
Darren is an attentive listener and a generous mentor, his advice is backed by his depth of experience both in business and as a coach, therapist and teacher.
I totally recommend a strategy call with him, as I felt heard and guided to my next simple step towards more ease in business, and at the same time I did not feel pressured in any way.” Joy Stefani, Business Life Soul Balance Coach

My biggest takeaway from working with Darren is “simplicity”. He gave me simple and easy to apply techniques for content creation and understanding my ideal client/audience, and he reminded me that keeping things simple, creates clearer messaging! Within our one hour session, I gained clarity on my marketing language and how i’d like to appear to my audience through the use of language by finding the right words, since that has been my biggest struggle. I definitely recommend Darren who is looking for business clarity, additional support and brainstorming.” Genna Bennett Soh

1/ What do you like best about the session and what is/was your biggest learning?
Darren is very patient, works intuitively and really takes time with you to shift whatever is happening in you(r body). My biggest take away was that if I can shift my feelings of fear of being in flow from an 8 to a 2 in just a few minutes there is so much more possible if I just practice.
“2/ How do you FEEL as a result of the session?
I feel better and more confident. Another piece of the puzzle is solved and I feel confident that in the end I will get where I want to be.
“3/ Please share a specific result that you have had as a result of the session.
I have two words for my 2022 and those are Reset and Focus and I have more confidence that I will be in flow and not afraid of being in flow anymore.
“4/ Finally, what might you say to someone considering using my services?
Darren is a calm and relaxed. He has a lot of patience, listens very carefully and is non-judgmental. His EAST method makes you go out of your head and into your body and makes it possible to unblock some of your blocks/beliefs. I am happy to recommend him if you want your body to catch up with what your logical mind already knows.
” Patricia Koops, Fiercely Kind Coaching

Such simple techniques that can make quite a difference to how you feel afterwards.
Thank you Darren for giving the taste of your EAST method.
” Claryn Nicholas, Coach

I was lucky enough to have a session with Darren to try to shift my embedded limiting belief around not being able to have a successful business – my “mind gremlin” as Darren put it.
“Darren spent time taking me through a series of movements while coaching me about my mindset and, although I was quite sceptical, I felt a profound shift in what I had believed for so long.
“Darren was extremely patient and really took his time to make me feel comfortable and I felt secure and safe in being vulnerable about my mindset.
“I found myself at a 10 when I commenced the session with Darren and felt my belief was 100% true. Darren helped me identify where in my body I was feeling the limiting belief and, incredibly, after about 20 minutes of repeating and changing the movements accordingly, Darren had helped me shift my limiting belief so that it was difficult to feel it at all.
“I would thoroughly recommend Darren and his method of working – he’s sensitive, kind and completely non-judgemental and really knows his stuff.
” Tansy Muller, Coach

Darren has been such great support over the past year, helping me to transition through big changes in my life. The advice received has always been thoughtful and constructive, in which Darren has worked his magic by helping me grasp an objective perspective on my future career plans and self-development goals.” Linda Boudjemline

Hi Darren, thank you so much I was very surprised by how effective that one session was.. You are so gentle, wise & clearly very experienced. My energy blocks shifted. This was evident because physically I felt tingly and lighter and mentally because the issue of procrastination had dropped from 8/10 to 3/10. I would recommend anyone to try working with you!” Sally Jackson

Darren has played a huge role in giving me the confidence to explore options for my business. He has helped me keep my business and education in a healthy balance. His advice has been great and I genuinely couldn’t recommend his services highly enough!” Sam Girling, Girling Nutrition

The session left me feeling calmer and with an inner stillness that I know, when practised regularly, will help me find more day-to-day resilience. I am very excited to share the EAST method with clients to explore where they hold their limiting beliefs in their body and how we can release these trapped stories. Thank you Darren!” Joanne Howard, Coach

I have been incorporating the EAST method prior to my coaching sessions to ground, center and believe in myself. This really helps me bring myself into the present moment. Whilst doing it I remind myself that I am enough, I am a great coach, and I always show up as my most authentic and truth self. I also looked over my 3Es and am satisfied with what I’ve written down. Now comes to the fun part…Looking at what kind of services I can deliver. What has showed up for me up to date is much aligned with what I am currently doing (as a coach) and where I want to go (wellness, mindfulness, nature-connected areas). 
So I wanted to say thank you profoundly from the bottom of my heart for sharing these powerful techniques with me and for your support.” Sophia Wood Massicotte, Coach

Very nice and motivating videos. Thanks for sharing, Darren. Got me thinking what’s that I love to do most and can it be concerted to business or helping others.” Satish

Thank you for yesterday’s session. I particularly liked the method which you used to help me to make a clear distinction around the things that matter most to me. It was a lovely gentle coaching method which really showed me the areas of my life which distinctly left a last impression and which I felt passionate about. I really believe that doing something you love that stretches you and which you feel qualified to do well really helps you to find the way to success. Often I have chased that which can earn me the most, and help the most people along the way rather than give me the most freedom and joy. I really recommend you to anyone who is looking to restructure their work or seek new avenues in their business. Darren your clear guidance and trusting of the process really gave me confidence and enabled me to clearly remember that I do have the answers within me to solve my challenges.” Sarah Yapp

Very relaxing to do in the evening… helps me sleep better as well.” Wendy Weatheritt

Sometimes when I haven’t been sure of what my next steps are (whether it’s regarding my career or general life), Darren has patiently bounced ideas, given me motivation and provided a different perspective on things. It’s great to have a mentor that can help me set, organise and prioritise goals, something that can be a challenge if I’m trying to do everything by myself.” Lovisa Brattek, Forensic Scientist

I find having regular catch ups with Darren very beneficial. It provides an opportunity for me to reflect on self-development and talk through what I want to develop and how I am going to achieve it. Although conversations are often career focussed it is also an opportunity to consider how I can improve different elements of my life. The mentoring sessions get me in the habit of planning ahead and having goals to focus on. Each session can act as a deadline to have focussed on something, which helps to keep momentum in achieving these goals. Thanks for all your help, Darren.” Rachel Clarkson, Marketing Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting Darren through my work with Radio Jackie. I found a deeply intelligent man with an ability to blend down to earth common sense and scientific thought cleverly with a more esoteric understanding of Chinese medicine and energy meridians. He provides a compassionate attitude and pleasant surroundings.
EFT is a powerful technology that I would like to see taught everywhere. I recommend this man highly.” Neil Long, neillong.com

We were really impressed with Wimble Wellness when Darren came into work with our 6th Form students. They explored a variety of techniques to cope with and alleviate stress which the students found worked not only with their exam preparation, but in everyday life. The staff that also attended the session were incredibly positive about the weekly sessions.” Dave Harris, Blenheim High School

Darren has given us a range of resources and strategies which has given me the skills and confidence needed to introduce mindfulness to my class. His sessions were very practical and allowed us to experience and implement different techniques suitable for both the staff and children. As a yoga instructor I was grateful for Darren’s help in guiding me on my own mindfulness journey.” Caroline Graham, Meath Green Infant School

Darren was really great. A lovely man. He shared all his knowledge well and was keen on feedback from us to make it a two-way conversation. I think, I would like to have him at home to help me develop the mindfulness skill with his calming voice and manner! Joking apart, it was very relaxing having talked us through it all. It was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning!” Penny, Thames Ditton Junior School

He delivered the course in a gentle way and was very responsive to questions and problems. I’ve already used the training in the last two days and have to say how calm I felt after the training itself. I found myself more relaxed when listening to others too on that afternoon. Hopefully I can carry on with it.” Yvette, Thames Ditton Junior School

“I came into school especially for the session and I found it very interesting as I have been wanting to practice mindfulness techniques for years and have never taken the time to do anything about it. I plan to practice daily and will try one or two of the techniques on the child I work with too as I think it may well be beneficial for him. Thank you for providing the opportunity.” Jane, Thames Ditton Junior School

Thanks for what you did the other day. My cravings have gone. My arm no longer hurts. It is truly amazing. If they come back I will continue with the techniques. I am also very busy at work and I am content with it and enjoying it. Thank you again.” Oliver, Portsmouth

Professional but relaxed.

Amazing. I saw bright colours.

A lot of food for thought!

Me and exercise have never been friends. I completely resent effort that doesn’t have meaning (especially as I am having highs and lows with chronic fatigue and don’t feel I can afford to “waste” energy). However… I found out during lockdown that Darren organises mindful movement classes – Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and I’ve started attending them online. Oh my goodness… for the first time in my life I discovered that I love Qi Gong. Darren is such a kind and patient teacher and I love that I’ve been introduced to this mindful practice via him – THANK YOU Darren!” Beatrice Z

“I find Tai Chi very relaxing and invigorating. Darren teaches in a very calm way showing consideration for his students’ capabilities. After the lesson I felt I had achieved a little more flexibility and balance. Overall an excellent experience.” Graham Cura

The Tai Chi classes [have] helped me achieve more muscle movement which enables me to continue my everyday life in a manageable way. I do find going to the classes also helps immensely as it is fun whilst keeping up my physical mobility which is very important to me.” Angela Jennings

I am noticing the overall feeling of well being and healing energy flow as I am very sensitive to energy. So can definitely feel the benefits.” Jacqueline Padman

Did a session of beginners chi kung with meditation with Darren. We enjoyed the session of slow stretching and attention to breathing. Found it loosened joints making us feel relaxed. The end meditation was also relaxing which for us was great. Darren also explained it as we went along. Would definitely recommend this session. Thanks Darren.” Jennie Marks

Your online class has enabled us to energise as well as clear our minds and to keep up the good practises we had developed in the normal class environment. It’s also so good to have some visual face to face catch ups with others in the class which make us feel less isolated. All good.” Heather and Ian

Feeling better since I started and I think the library is a great tool when very anxious. I would like to incorporate this into my daily life to help me along life’s road. I slept a lot longer and better quality last night.” Jennie

…both the COPD clinic and the Physio saying what a good thing Tai Chi is, I am really happy to have found you.” Barbara Keenan

I have fibromyalgia and have been struggling without a regular physio appointment. This is the first thing I’ve found online that I can follow without being in pain for days!!” Sarah M

“I thought it was a really good session and definitely worth attending. The concepts are not new to me however Darren was very engaging and the audience participation really helped. Would certainly recommend it to others to watch. Thank you for arranging.”

“I really enjoyed this session. The HAPPY way provided me with some useful tools for myself but, importantly, gave me some pointers for how to use them with my mentee. The session lead was really approachable and gave some good examples of how to use the techniques in different ways – not just in an academic or professional setting. Attending the session made me feel a bigger sense of being part of the Beyond Barriers programme as a mentor too.”

I would like to feedback that the session with Darren Yap last week was excellent. I appreciated it very much.

I find the classes a great benefit to me to help with my mobility and would like to attend every week if possible.” Angela J


All images courtesy of Alex Yap, Unsplash and Corel.


Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Mindfulness, Meditation, Mentoring, Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Safeguarding Training, Vulnerable Adults Training, Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB), Prevent Training, Martial Artist, Sports Coach.

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