Do you hate the hustle?

Growing a business is hard enough when you love what you do.

However, if you feel like you’re having to hustle and you’re forcing yourself to do things that you don’t want to do, that don’t align with who you are, that are just not enjoyable for you, and you’re told that you have to do these things in order to be successful, that’s when you get stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed.

You begin to hate your business and even though you would like to think you’re in it for the long run, you’re already feeling like you could quit.

It’s time to ditch these grindy, hustly attitudes and move into a zone where you’re doing things on your terms, with a sense of ease, flow and fun.

Could you imagine confidently grow business with ease?

Could you imagine building a business doing what you enjoy?

You’ll see how one business coach tells you that you need to do SEO while another tells you that you need to do discovery calls.

And yet another one tells you that you need to do Facebook Lives.

And they all have successful clients.

And yet when you try these things, you get nowhere.

Your marketing falls on deaf ears.

Zero engagement.

Hardly any clients.

The secret is that these clients remained consistent and true to the plan.

It’s as easier as that, right?

Well, yes and no.

The thing is, these clients are able to stick to the plan and remain consistent because those strategies work for them and for who they are, so day after day, week after week, month after month, they are able to keep doing what their business coach tells them to do.

And by working for them, I mean that it’s in alignment with what they enjoy or prefer to do.

They’re not forcing themselves to write long articles when they hate writing.

They’re not forcing themselves to go live on Facebook everyday when they hate doing live presentations.

They’re not forcing themselves to speak to strangers at networking events when they do not like small talk.

They’re doing what they naturally enjoy.

And they’re doing it with a sense of confidence because they’re doing what comes naturally.

They’re stepping out of their comfort zone… bizarrely… without stepping out of their comfort zone because when it’s fun and something you naturally can do, when you’re pushing the edges of what you do, it doesn’t feel very uncomfortable.

And so they are able to do it every day (or week) without feeling like they’re hustling and without feeling like they’re having to dig deep to motivate themselves every time they have to do some marketing.

Does this approach to growing your business sound more realistic? Does it sound more enjoyable?

Would you like to enjoy that confidence and ease that will enable you to grow your business?

Let’s have a chat.