It’s time for you to stop fighting and start flowing

Do you feel like you’re always fighting an uphill battle?

Is your life filled with frustration and disappointment?

Do you feel like your life or career is going nowhere fast?

Then now it’s time to learn how to stop fighting and start flowing… and finally start enjoying life.

Introducing the HAPPY Way

My name’s Darren Yap and I’ve trained in practices such as tai chi, qigong (chi kung) and mindfulness for over 30 years. I’ve distilled the core concepts from these rather abstract practices and developed a system that applies these concepts to the real world. I call this the HAPPY Way:

  • flow through life with more grace and joy
  • feel better about yourself and others
  • open your eyes to opportunities for growth and fun
  • gain a renewed and genuine sense of optimism
  • learn why the body is so important to how you feel
  • live your best, most fulfilling life with contentment

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