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Reducing stress and anxiety in schools and colleges

Stress for teenagers is at an all-time high – exams, social pressures, online activities, changes in the body – never before has it been so stressful to be a teenager in the modern world.

Many teenagers want to learn how to beat stress but want to still remain physically active after sitting down all day studying.

Mindful Motion consists of the right mix of movement and stillness to help them to manage on-going stress.

Mindful Motion

Mindful Motion combines very light exercise with ancient meditation techniques to bring a more interactive mindfulness meditation experience which will challenge teenagers in both mind and body.

If you’re thinking of introducing Mindful Motion to your pupils, the options are a one-off workshops where they would get a chance to learn a variety of techniques they can use on their own or a regular after-school club for weekly guided sessions.

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

If your students prefer a less active stress management session, another option to help teenagers to beat stress is a Mindfulness Meditation workshop. In this seated session, attendees will learn various tools and techniques that they can apply daily to reduce the effects of long term stress.

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All trainers have enhanced DBS certification.

Teacher Training

To better integrate Mindfulness into your school’s operations, consider having your teaching staff trained to run basic Mindfulness sessions.

Focusing on four modules (Breathe, Listen, Observe, Move), your staff can pick one 10 minute module to run at the start of the day, at the start of a class, before an exam or at any other time they feel is suitable.

By drip-feeding these Mindfulness exercises, your students will become happier, less stressed, more compassionate, more patient and more focused.

The Teacher Training workshops can be run at the end of the school day or during an Inset Day.

To discuss your requirements, please call 07977 135506.