How to overcome your limiting beliefs with movement – notes

This is for educational purposes only. If you are suffering from any mental or physical health issues, you are advised to seek the help of a professional.

In this article, you will learn the basic structure of the EAST Method on how to apply a basic chi kung movement routine to overcome limiting beliefs.

Summary of movements

This is a reminder for those who have attended training.

  1. raise straight arms up the sides, hands above your head, then fingertips come down the centre.
  2. stretch up and back, then bend down
  3. push fingertips upwards then return to chest
  4. push palms outwards then return to chest
  5. push fingertips down and twist outwards then relax arms

In this video, we start with a warm up then explore the first 3 elements of the EAST Method: Exercise, Awareness, Somatic Awareness/Sensing. We cover just 5 movements in the basic routine used.

Don’t think. Feel!

Bruce Lee


  1. Notice the sensation (it may feel dense, hot, tingly etc in one particular part of the body eg heavy in the chest)
  2. Rate out of 10, 10 being intense, 0 being not noticeable
  3. Perform the movement routine, 3-5 repetitions of each movement, while focusing on sensation
  4. Rate the sensation again, which may fall, and return to (3)
  5. Repeat the loop until the rating has reduced to zero or you’re stuck at a number
  6. If it’s stuck on a particular value/rating, what else do you notice in terms of further sensations or what thoughts come up?

Another way is to focus on a belief or issue that you can describe in a short statement/phrase and the follow the rating/movement routine as above. If focusing on belief, repeat the belief phrase as you move.

It takes time and practice, and may require a little intuition to determine what to do next.

Simply moving while talking can unlock their biography and they will find that they start talking – let them talk but remind them to copy your movements.

I would suggest taking regular breaks from movement as it can be quite intense physically! Use this time to make notes that they can then take away to be used while practising outside your sessions. 5-10 minutes a day can help them to continue to push through any issues before your next session.

An alternative to repetitive movement is to gently hold the extended position for a few seconds.

If evidence of deeper issues or trauma is uncovered, it is advised to direct the client to a specialist.