Lights! Cameras! Action! How to post interesting videos on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook etc.

A while ago, I participated in Catherine Watkin‘s Facebook Live Challenge where we had to go live on video on Facebook. Since then, I’ve been publishing 1-2 videos a week (although not Facebook Lives as I couldn’t iron out technical issues to make broadcasting the Lives easy and smooth).

I then decided to explore TikTok and have been publishing a short video once or twice a day as TikTok seems supportive of smaller publishers which means I can reach more people than I normally would be able to. In terms of numbers, on Facebook, a video might reach 20 people, on YouTube, I’d be lucky to get over 10 views (YouTube Shorts get me 20-30 views). In contrast, TikTok gets me in excess of 200 views with comments and saves, which demonstrates there is some interest in what I’m producing.

In this article, I will explain how to create interesting videos that demonstrates your area of expertise.

The short answer to this is, as always, to think of your potential client and how they can get value.

The slightly longer answer (but still pretty short) is to consider the 3Es of video production: Entertain, Educate, Encourage.

Entertain – people love funny videos or simply videos that put a smile on your face.

Educate – people love videos that teach them something useful whether it’s for business purposes or to improve some aspect of their life, or even just for curiosity’s sake.

Encourage – people love videos that motivate or inspire.

And if you can combine some of these Es then you’re onto a winner.

What about the tech stuff?

This is actually less important. As they say, content is king.

Your audience will sit through a badly lit video of someone giving high quality content than a perfectly shot video of someone droning on about how great they are.

As above, think about the value you are giving in the video.

This means that even a cheap modern phone will suffice – sure, stand by a window during the daytime for adequate light and look at the lens when you remember to but it’s far less important than what someone’s getting from a video – unless you’re supposed to be an expert on making videos (in which case, why are you even reading this article?).

So get going, hit record and start talking!

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