Thrive Under Pressure

Practical Mindfulness Training to Reduce Stress in the Workplace… and Beyond

Are your staff busy and overwhelmed at work?

Does this stress in your workplace result in sickness and lower productivity?

Do you find the mountain of available stress reduction and mindfulness information confusing?

You may not realise that 45% of sick days are caused by stress and on average, a stressed employee takes 26 days off a year!

However, you probably realise that your staff are overwhelmed and stressed out at work, and that you need to do something about it before it starts to affect their work, health and life.

The problem is that you’re not sure where to start or perhaps you have tried some stress management or mindfulness techniques and are just confused by the amount of information out there, so nothing is achieved.

Well, this online programme presents a clear and practical pathway for your colleagues to learn how to develop new habits for a calm, focused mind.

✔ improved focus

improved productivity

✔ reduced stress

✔ fewer sick days

✔ happier staff

This programme includes a 12 week course, accessible for 12 months, and is based on over 35 years of training and experience.

Practical Pathway


12 Week Course


Bonus Induction Training

Darren was really great. A lovely man. He shared all his knowledge well and was keen on feedback from us to make it a two-way conversation. I think, I would like to have him at home to help me develop the mindfulness skill with his calming voice and manner! Joking apart, it was very relaxing having talked us through it all. It was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning!

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