Thrive Under Pressure: Further Information

Practical Mindfulness Training to Reduce Workplace Stress

This online programme is aimed at helping busy, overwhelmed professionals like you to reduce stress so that they can find clarity and improve their focus and productivity, as well as experience calm under pressure, by presenting a clear and practical pathway for your colleagues to learn how to develop new habits for a calm, focused mind.

Your colleagues will learn about mindfulness and how to integrate it into their busy life to benefit from ongoing reduced stress and anxiety levels. The approach of this programme is to take a long-term view by training them in practical techniques so that they benefit in the long run.

Based on our popular signature group training course, the material is presented in a straightforward manner carefully guiding the learner through the process of learning mindfulness so that they can thrive under pressure.

The format is in text, audio and video with a variety of mindfulness exercises that your colleagues will find both interesting and useful.

This programme also includes bonus courses from a variety of training workshops as well as access to monthly live events and ongoing support.

The benefits of this programme are as follows:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • improved work performance, focus and concentration
  • effective communication skills
  • improved professional and personal relationships

Learning benefits:

  • insight into how mindfulness works
  • how to build a personal practice
  • focused pathway suitable for all
  • long-term view not a quick fix
  • how to deal with obstacles to regular practice

The programme includes:

  • 12 week core course (just ~10 minutes commitment per day)
  • accessible for either 12 months or lifetime access
  • based on over 35 years of training and experience
  • live online training available
  • additional bonus material to be released over time

The following diagram displays the pathway to developing a mindfulness practice; users determine what stage they are at and then know what they need to do to continue developing:

The full content is as follows:

  • Pathway: Introduction
  • Pathway: Stage 1 – Curious and keen
  • Pathway: Stage 2 – Getting consistent
  • Pathway: Stage 3 – Experiencing growth
  • Pathway: Stage 4 – From surviving to thriving
  • Pathway: Stage 5 – Living the dream
  • Core Course: Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Core Course: Lesson 2 – Breathe
  • Core Course: Lesson 3 – Work the abs
  • Core Course: Lesson 4 – Just listen
  • Core Course: Lesson 5 – Consistency is key
  • Core Course: Lesson 6 – Open your eyes
  • Core Course: Lesson 7 – Question time
  • Core Course: Lesson 8 – Body basics
  • Core Course: Lesson 9 – Time to move
  • Core Course: Lesson 10 – Just the beginning

Additionally, the following bonuses are also available:

  • Bonus 1 – Mindful communication
  • Bonus 2 – Time management and smart devices
  • Bonus 3 – Meditation timer and music
  • Bonus 4 – Live online training

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