Mindful Art Workshops

Reduce stress with art

Mindfulness isn’t just about sitting on a meditation cushion with your eyes closed, and while it’s great to do this, it’s also great to try other ways of getting into the space between your thoughts.

So join us to learn how to practice mindfulness with art. You will get into the space between your thoughts and experience inner calm while reducing stress, creating abstract art pieces.

This workshop is suitable for adults and older teens of all levels of artistic ability – all you need is a willingness to try something different.


  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved focus
  • improved appreciation of life

Learn about:

  • mindfulness
  • acceptance
  • impermanence
  • imperfection

All equipment provided:

  • paint
  • painting tools
  • aprons
  • paper and canvas

For more information, please call Darren on 07977 135506.