Mindset Mentoring for Coaches

Group business mindset mentoring for coaches

This is a free Zoom workshop aimed at helping you to overcome your limiting beliefs that hold you back from making a real impact.

I’ll leave the 22/11/21 session recording here for a couple of weeks. If you would like longer access to it, then please join the Life Library: https://www.wimble.com/library/

Recent feedback from Patricia Koops, Fiercely Kind Coaching:

1/ What do you like best about the session and what is/was your biggest learning?
Darren is very patient, works intuitively and really takes time with you to shift whatever is happening in you(r body). My biggest take away was that if I can shift my feelings of fear of being in flow from an 8 to a 2 in just a few minutes there is so much more possible if I just practice.

2/ How do you FEEL as a result of the session?
I feel better and more confident. Another piece of the puzzle is solved and I feel confident that in the end I will get where I want to be.

3/ Please share a specific result that you have had as a result of the session.
I have two words for my 2022 and those are Reset and Focus and I have more confidence that I will be in flow and not afraid of being in flow anymore.

4/ Finally, what might you say to someone considering using my services?
Darren is a calm and relaxed. He has a lot of patience, listens very carefully and is non-judgmental. His EAST method makes you go out of your head and into your body and makes it possible to unblock some of your blocks/beliefs. I am happy to recommend him if you want your body to catch up with what your logical mind already knows.