Thrive Under Pressure – Online Stress Reduction Training for You

Practical Mindfulness Training to Reduce Stress in Your Workplace… and Beyond

Are you busy and overwhelmed at work?

Do you feel stressed out or anxious most days?

Is the mountain of available stress reduction and mindfulness information confusing?

Like many professionals, you are overwhelmed and stressed out at work, and realise that you need to do something about it before it starts to affect your health and life. You may also notice how stress and anxiety affects your ability to focus on your work, your enjoyment of life as well as how you treat your colleagues, friends and family.

The problem is that you’re not sure where to start or have tried some stress management or mindfulness tips and are just confused by the amount of information out there, so you end up doing nothing and continuing to suffer from stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

Well, this online programme presents a clear and practical pathway for you to learn how to develop new habits for a calm, focused mind.

Not only will you experience better focus at work but you will also feel less overwhelmed and less stressed. Additionally, you will enjoy better interactions with others.

This programe also includes a 12 week course, accessible for 12 months, based on over 35 years of training and experience.

The online training is aimed at helping busy, overwhelmed professionals like you to learn about mindfulness and how to integrate it into your busy life to benefit from ongoing reduced stress and anxiety levels, so that you can experience clarity and improved focus and productivity, as well as calm under pressure.

The approach of this programme is to take a long-term view by training you in practical techniques so that you benefit in the long run.

overcome overwhelm

Based on our popular signature group training course, the material is presented in a straightforward manner carefully guiding you through the process of learning mindfulness so that you can overcome overwhelm.

The format is in text, audio and video with a variety of mindfulness exercises that you will find interesting and useful.

This programme also includes bonus courses from a variety of training workshops as well as access to monthly live events and ongoing support.

The benefits of this programme are as follows:

🤍 reduced stress and anxiety
🤍 improved work performance, focus and concentration
🤍 effective communication skills
🤍 improved professional and personal relationships

Learning benefits:

🤍 insight into how mindfulness works
🤍 how to build a personal practice
🤍 focused pathway suitable for all
🤍 long-term view not a quick fix
🤍 how to deal with obstacles to regular practice

The programme includes:

🤍 12 week core course (~10 minutes per day)
🤍 accessible for 12 months
🤍 based on over 35 years of training and experience
🤍 live online workshops
🤍 additional bonus material to be released over time

Practical Pathway


12 Week Course


Online Workshops


Bonus Training

Darren was really great. A lovely man. He shared all his knowledge well and was keen on feedback from us to make it a two-way conversation. I think, I would like to have him at home to help me develop the mindfulness skill with his calming voice and manner! Joking apart, it was very relaxing having talked us through it all. It was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning!


All major cards accepted.

Yearly investment (access for 12 months)
£110 per year (less than £10 per month):

Lifetime access
£299 £199 (most popular option):

Lifetime access and three one-to-one coaching sessions
£499 (please apply using the form below)

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