5 Steps to Starting Out in Tai Chi

Welcome to our beginner’s course in tai chi. This is suitable for complete beginners and covers some basic movements, warm up and some chi kung.

Before you begin, pay attention to the space around you and make sure that you won’t hit anything or step on anything that could cause an injury. You’re advised to wear loose clothing and training shoes, ensuring that the floor isn’t slippery. Think “safety first!”

Step 1

In this video, we go through a basic warm up routine.

Step 2

Just mirror me the best you can. You can experience some basic movements from one of the tai chi forms that I teach.

Step 3

Warm up and focus on a couple of movements. Going deeper and getting more focus and relaxation.

Step 4

Just the first 30% of the basic form as a private lesson for a beginner. Includes a warmup.

Step 5

A warm up, chi kung and first 30% of the basic form.

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