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A resource for mind-body development, helping you to gently move towards joyful living by reconnecting with your body.


Please read the Library Guidelines for general questions, ideas and approaches to using this resource.

Quick start: after reading the safety guidelines, the easiest and simplest way to get started is to follow the Daily Practice which is designed to get you into the habit of regular movement practice. You can explore the other sections later so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the choice of videos.

Any videos marked with a 💙 are suitable for beginners.

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Daily Practice – ideas for getting daily movement practice into your life

Lesson Plan – how to create your monthly lesson plan(s)

Chi Kung Mindful Motion – energy movement exercises

Tai Chi – Simple Training – tai chi for beginners

Tai Chi Long Forms – all my current offerings for those wanting a challenge

Mindfulness and More – mind and thought development

The EAST Method – move beyond movement to transform your life

Business Support – business mindset and more

This library has been designed to help you develop your mind-body practice and support your ongoing practice.

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