DEMO: Thrive Under Pressure: Pathway: Introduction

This pathway is provided to give you a clear idea of how you can move forward with your mindfulness practice. It refers to the core course material.

In this pathway, the focus is on learning to thrive under pressure at work by using mindfulness and mind training techniques. While the attention is on helping you to manage your work, it also includes your interactions with others as this goes hand-in-hand with how stressed you become.

By developing your mind overall, you will find that you become less overwhelmed at work and so, workplace stress will lessen.

Developing your mindfulness practice not only helps with stress but improves your focus and concentration, and enables you to get into the flow state (get into the zone).

The diagram below presents the five stages of the pathway.

The next five sections details each stage and lists the milestones you will need to achieve in order to determine whether you’re ready to move on to the next stage or not.

Following this simple process, you can easily see where you are in your development and what you need to do to move forward.

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