Exercise of the week #3


The following exercise is my favourite new legs exercise and is called the Genie press.

It is useful if you don’t have a leg extension machine but unlike the machine, it makes you work the core as well as the thighs.

The following video explains how to do the Genie press.

Remember to try to lean back as far as you dare go – the further back you lean, the tougher it is. You can see in the video that her head moves beyond her toes.

Once you find it easier with a small weight, to use heavier loads that you might not be able to comfortably hold at your chest, try holding a pair of dumbbells hanging at your sides. The force will still go through the upper body/shoulders.

If you want an interesting challenge, hold just one heavy dumbbell in one hand on one side. This will not only work the thighs and abs but also the obliques!