Exercise of the week 5

28 day lunge challengeexerciseoftheweek

Lunges are great for working the glutes, calves, thighs and even your core. Regularly practising them can improve your lower body strength and endurance, your balance and your fitness levels.

Everyone knows what a lunge is but here’s a video in case you’re not sure:

The 28 day challenge is to perform 200 lunges every day for each leg. You can do them in one go or 100 in the morning and another 100 before you go to bed or whatever you decide. Just make sure you do 200 per leg each day!

Nutrition: eat your usual amount (don’t overeat to compensate for this exercise).

Diarise the challenge: weigh yourself, take photos on day 1 and at the end of day 28.

Let me know how you get on after the 4 weeks are up!

Remember: if you experience any soreness then stop immediately; all exercises should be performed with the guidance of a personal trainer.