Great products for portion control

portioncontrolIt can be tough to serve the right portion sizes when it comes to mealtimes and when you are new to managing your portion sizes, you can often end up overestimating how much to put on your plate.

Some people recommend using smaller plates and while this can work, you often do end up piling more on your plate than you should do.

Here are some great products to help you manage your portion control and realise that you are not the only one having trouble deciding on the right amount to put on your plate!

The Portion Plate

Modern, simple and easy to understand.

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Portion Control Plate

More practical and can be used with your own plates. Simply put the disc on your normal plate and the food in the circles.

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More instructional and can give you ideas for what to eat. Separates things nicely.

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Healthy Habits Kids Myplate

Finally, something for the kids. Need I say more?

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