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Synchronicity is derived from the Greek word “Chronos” meaning time and therefore Synchronicity means “in time.” It is otherwise known as Serendipity, “a happy accident” and was originally coined by Carl Gustav Jung, in which he states that Synchronicity is the moment of two unified events, which are causally improbable and unrelated, occurring together by chance or accident. Jung states that “I have invented the word synchronicity […] that is, things happening at the same moment as an expression of the same time content.” When these events occur they can often be seen as coincidences; however they are seen as being much more meaningful as they can provide a connection to the soul and consciousness.

Examples of Synchronicity

  • When you are out on the street and think of somebody, maybe a person you have not seen in years, and you bump into them then and there.
  • Thinking of somebody and having them immediately call you on the phone.
  • Reading an inspiring book and then seeing someone reading the same book.
  • Overhearing a conversation and hearing something of which you were looking to hear.
  • Starting a business and meeting someone who can help you, which is exactly what you were looking for.
  • The constant occurrence of numbers and patterns in your life.
  • Always waking up at the same time every morning, e.g. 03:33 am.

How to increase Synchronicity


It is argued that the more you open yourself and grow as a person, the more these events will occur in your life. You can do this by meditating, being in touch with yourself and your thoughts. You need to believe and open yourself up to the world and increase your relation to your thoughts and imprint your consciousness into the world, to achieve a superior self- consciousness and relation to the world. You need to have harmony between your thoughts, the world and your desires, which will increase Synchronicity.

In order to increase moments of Synchronicity, you need to become at one with your thoughts, and become attentive. Synchronicity will then happen so often that it will eventually lead to everyday occurrences. However, caution is needed from you so that you are aware of and responsible for what you put into the world. Thoughts are powerful things and when they are manifested in the world, the outcome can be very powerful. Additionally, if you ever experience Synchronicity, it is said to always be a good sign and will always point to something good happening in your life.

My experiences with Synchronicity

I am quite lucky to have had moments of Synchronicity occur in my life and to be able to experience its power. Most of my experiences happened to me when I was a lot younger which may be down to the fact that children are a lot more susceptible and sensitive to moments of Synchronicity. The most common moment of Synchronicity that occurred when I was a child was having a family member or friend’s name pop into my head and a second later the phone would ring and I used to say that it was this person calling and I was always right. Many sceptics would argue that it was just a lucky guess, but for me it was never about guessing and more about it being intuitive.

As I grew older, these moments of Synchronicity came into my life less often, but when they did arrive they were much more powerful. Sometimes I will be out walking and then think of someone who I have not seen or spoken to in years and then I would bump into them in the street and sometimes even in different countries, which is quite surprising! The most recent moment of synchronicity I have experienced was last year, when I was talking to my mum about how much I would love to be on a Jury Team, to be a Juror and to be involved in a court case. I was then very shocked to see that my Jury Summons came in the post the very next day!

These moments of Synchronicity have taught me that the world has its own natural order, and while it can seem that the earth is very vast and human beings are seen as insignificant, these moments occur and tune humans back into the world through a mind and world relation.

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