Beating stress with chi kung

Problems arise when we are constantly under pressure. Big problems! Our chi stays up, our adrenaline levels stay high, our bodies overwork themselves and exhaustion sets in. Our nervous systems become tired and worn down and cease to function properly. Our energy becomes depleted and our immune systems are no longer able to function as they should so we become prone to sickness. We call this stress. It shortens our life expectancy, ruins our quality of life and leads to our getting sick. In severe cases, our nervous systems become so exhausted that we suffer a nervous breakdown.

field1Stress is one of the biggest problems facing modern society. We are subjected to pressures unknown to previous generations: mobile telephones and the internet mean that we can be contacted around the clock, wherever we are (almost) and are often expected to work around the clock with no “down time”. This is the heart of the problem! We need “down time” to let our chi sink and our bodies relax and recover.

Chi kung practice, when performed properly, is the answer. By learning to consciously sink our chi and relax our bodies and minds, we can do so very much faster than if we just waited for it to happen naturally. This way we greatly speed our recovery and require less down time, meaning that we can keep working and, very importantly, that our work will be more productive because we are calmer, clearer and less run down.

Of course, by avoiding work and stress in the first place, you can achieve the same result but for most of us this is not an option.

Over many years I have helped a lot of people get on top of problems with stress and have just about managed to maintain a winning position in my own war with the stress demons. As a result I feel that I can offer some constructive advice and am quite passionate about doing so. Sadly, the advice may not be what some people want to hear – sometimes the truth hurts!’

Here is a video explaining some strategies for using chi kung to combat stress.

About the author

Author: Master Iain Armstrong
Bio: Iain Armstrong is the 1st disciple student of Grand Master Tan, head of Nam Yang’s UK branch and two times world champion. Iain is famous for his high quality kung fu teaching, his instructional films and magazine articles and for the extremely successful competition and demonstration teams which he coaches.