A deeper look into synchronicity


Synchronicity is the moment of two or more events which are causally unrelated happening together to bring meaning and purpose into your life. You can read more about Synchronicity and what it is in my previous article which can be found here: http://eserv.co.uk/irl2/the-magic-of-synchronicity/


The purpose of this article is to take a deeper look into Synchronicity and to explore moments of Synchronicity in my own life. These Synchronistic events began to occur in my life very regularly from a young age and as I grew older they become more sporadic yet much more powerful. I will explore the clues within these Synchronistic events and try to come to some conclusions as to where these Synchronistic events come from, why they happen, and what the purpose and the driving force is behind them.

Date Location People involved Event Conclusion
2008 New Barnet, Hertfordshire -UK Grandmother I thought of my Grandmother and the phone rang instantly and it was her calling. This type of event continues to occur to this day. Shows that I needed guidance and consolation after my parents divorce.
2009 Manhattan , New York- USA Old friend While out exploring New York and about to get on a tour bus I suddenly had a thought of a friend I had not seen in years and then saw her lined up to get on the same bus. Shows a close connection with friend and that I needed to re-connect after years of no contact.
2010 Roehampton University, South West London- UK Pen Pal friend I bumped into an online pen pal friend outside my University. She had decided to move to London and attend my University. Brought friendship with online friend closer.
2011 Roehampton University, South West London- UK Boyfriend Decided to go to a party when I really did not want to go and met my boyfriend for the first time. Chance meeting lead to long term relationship where I found love and happiness and shows guidance that I am on the right path.
2011 New Barnet, Hertfordshire -UK Mother Told my mother how much I wanted to do Jury Duty and the next day my Jury Summons came in the post. Main purpose was to experience and understand the most basic national principles and to come closer to this constitutional spirit. To be able to connect with people of different class, race, and religion.
2012 Roehampton University, South West London- UK Friend Unexpected phone call from a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years and the same day I was offered a new job. Bringing connections and ties with friend stronger and shows that I am on the right path work-wise.
2012 New Barnet, Hertfordshire -UK Grandfather After my Grandfathers death he came to me in a dream and comforted me. Needed comfort and the dream was very symbolic and answered my questions about death and the afterlife. It felt like a higher power was the reason for this event.
2013 Limassol- Cyprus Family friend While on holiday in Cyprus I tried to meet up with a family friend but it did not happen. Then on the last day I randomly bumped into her at her workplace. Shows well knit ties between Cyprus and my family friend and this has brought me closer to them.


Looking at my list of major Synchronistic events in my life, it seems that these events have taken place because I needed guidance to tell me I was on the right path or because I needed guidance to push me onto the right path in life. Looking at these events I can deduce that some of these major cases of Synchronicity have happened when my life is at a standstill, and they make me re-examine my life. At other times when my life is going smoothly, Synchronistic events occur to show me that I am on the right path in life and feel as if it is the work of a higher power, God. It seems that the events which occur at home in New Barnet show ties to my family, while events which occur at my University in South West London show ties to friends, love and work.

The conclusions that I have drawn from these Synchronistic events are that I have to let Synchronicity unfold and let it guide me though my life while I try to understand my path in life and my life-plan.

Here is a table for you to work out your own moments of Synchronicity and to draw out your own conclusions.

Date Location People involved Event Conclusion





















Overall conclusion 



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