How to burn fat effectively with a gym bike

As explained in my previous article, “A simple, effective fat-burning exercise routine for beginners” (, High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective and efficient way of burning fat.

In the following video, I will demonstrate how you can use exercise machines (in this case an exercise bicycle) to perform HIIT and make the most of the machine.

This principle can be applied to any machine whereby you can vary the intensity safely and quickly – I would be wary of trying this on a running machine or cross trainer as you want to be able to go from stationary to full speed as quickly as possible and then back to stationary which may result in you falling off and injuring yourself! The principle can, of course, be used if you go for a run, varying the speed between light jog and full-on sprint – just remember that if your sprint can last more than 20 seconds, you’re not going fast enough!