Tips for motivation to get fit


When you start out with an exercise plan, you’re often highly motivated to start training but after a week or two, you may find you’re making excuses to avoid starting the session.

With these simple tips, you’ll stay on course and more likely achieve your goals.

  1. Depending on the exercise, you could read a book or listen to an mp3 player with your favourite songs or an audio book
  2. Focus on the outcome of your training (and the diet), for instance, to fit into that new dress you bought or to lose a few pounds for the beach holiday
  3. Set a goal to achieve whether it’s to improve your overall time for swimming lengths of your local pool or to run a marathon
  4. Play a sport and train to become better at that sport; fitness will be a by-product of your training
  5. Train with a friend either to motivate and push each other or to compete against, depending on what works best for you
  6. Put aside time in your busy schedule for “me time” – even if you have responsibilities to look after someone, it is important to spend time on yourself and that helps to rejuvenate
  7. Finally, change the routine every few weeks to keep things interesting, for instance, if you’re bored of jogging, add a few bursts of speed into the mix or go to your local swimming pool and swim a few laps instead; the change also keeps your body guessing which some say is good for helping to push your fitness levels and burn fat.