3 simple ways to beat stress

Here are three simple ideas for dealing with stress. They’re not long term solutions but they will probably help to varying degrees.

  1. Go for a walk: if you can, go for a walk in the park, surround yourself with nature, but if all you have is city streets then that is better than nothing!
  2. Meditate: take 5 minutes out of your day, sit in a comfortable and warm room, close your eyes and listen to your breath while breathing slowly and deeply.
  3. Exercise: any kind of moderate exercise will be great whether that’s going for a cycle, lifting weights or playing squash!

Of course, these are not long term solutions to dealing with stress but will take the edge off it and afford some light relief.

To really tackle stress, you need to change your routine which will mean learning something like Mindful Motion, or regularly attending a tai chi or yoga class.