Everyone needs Mindful Motion

Firstly, what is Mindful Motion?

Mindful Motion was developed as a combination of tai chi, yoga and meditation with a focus on helping people to reduce stress through gentle movement.

As for the title of this post, it’s a bold statement but is it really true?

Let us consider the busy 20-something, stuck in the office 9 to 5, who goes clubbing at the weekend. They are very likely stressed, they probably are quite fit and are a gym regular. What use is Mindful Motion to them?

For a start, Mindful Motion is a very effective way of combating stress, enabling them to think clearly and make decisions in a relaxed manner. If they are hitting the weights or at least using a weights machine, then they will experience muscular soreness so probably have rest days. Mindful Motion is perfect as an “active rest” activity. It gets the blood flowing without stressing the body.

What about the pensioner who doesn’t need to worry about a demanding boss? They will benefit from Mindful Motion as they will be encouraged to move in gentle yet challenging ways to stimulate the muscles and improve their balance. Thus they will be more agile and fall less. Their lower body will also be stronger and according to research will be less likely to suffer from breakages.