A modern approach to stress relief for busy people

At Wimble Wellness, we acknowledge that modern life is hectic and stressful, that you’re constantly dealing with things, whether work or family-related, an email here, a phone call there, always on the go, sometimes missing meals.

This is why we teach a simplified form of Mindfulness with three simple principles:

  • a few minutes of meditation is better than not doing any at all
  • simple techniques help you to just be in the moment
  • focus on the senses, being present in the body, observing

Of course, if you can meditate in a dedicated space for 60 minutes+ a day without being disturbed, then that’s great, but let’s face it, most people will struggle to meditate daily for just 20 minutes a day.

And so we have the following tips:

  1. try different times during the day and see which works best for you, sometimes first thing after you wake up, also try last thing at night after you switch the light off
  2. try different positions – sitting, lying, standing (if you fall asleep too easily, it probably means you need to get more sleep)
  3. try various exercises that focus on being present in the body and see which you find easiest and even enjoy
  4. practice for a few minutes a day, even if it’s only 3 minutes a day, to get into a regular routine
  5. don’t berate yourself if your mind keeps wandering – simply park your thoughts to one side and bring your attention back to whatever the meditation focuses on
  6. remember that your ability to remain mindful is a skill and this skill improves with practice
  7. think long term – develop this skill and practice regularly, the rewards of reduced stress, reduced anxiety, improved relationships, a general sense of wellbeing and so on, will come in time

Adopting a more mindful life and managing stress and anxiety is about changing your lifestyle one step at a time so that you adopt more good habits.