Why I teach seated meditation as well as Mindful Motion

If you have ever been to one of my workshops or training sessions, you will notice that I teach people both moving and stationary meditation exercises, typically in the form of basic mindfulness meditation.

On the face of it, it seems a little odd that this site is about practising mindfulness through movement and yet I may run an entire workshop with everyone sitting, or even lying, down.

The fact is that the underlying concept of Mindful Motion is the ability to achieve a sense of inner calm through being mindful whatever you’re doing – whether you’re sitting down, lying down, standing, washing the dishes, having a drink or playing tennis! And one aspect of training your mind to do this and to find it easier to stay focused on the activity (or non-activity) is through moving and focusing on the movement as many people find it easier to focus on an action rather than a relaxing but stationary activity ie seated meditation.

And so, I will teach people to achieve inner calm through a variety of means.