Are you using these diet and fitness sabotaging words?

Have you ever considered how the words you use around being fit and healthy can help or hinder?! Words have energy to them and the ‘wrong’ words can literally keep us stuck and prevent us from taking action whereas the ‘right’ words can make it so much easier to reach our goals. Here is a taster of how easy it can be to change your words to help you become healthier and happier.

A few words from Fiona Whitfield:

Hi I’m Fiona and I’m a 54 year old woman who has had enough of the diet trap. For decades I have controlled the way I look through diet and exercise and at the age of 49, I was miserable and had had enough. I knew there was another way to live! I know many thousands of women feel this too! I now run the Life Reboot, with on-line programmes to help women have more love, joy and laughter in their lives. Particularly women who are fed up of dieting, of forcing themselves to be fit and pretending all is ok. When really they feel rubbish inside. I help women learn the easy way to be healthier and happier, without all the effort, to create their own bespoke wellbeing plan that works with their body and their life.
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