Mindfulness Ideas Part 2

Some more mindfulness ideas for you to try. Many of these can also be done by children.

11 Taste Water – sip water and take time to notice the taste and texture, how it feels in your mouth and as you swallow it
12 Feel Pressure of Sitting on Chair – notice the sensation of your weight on a chair around the hips and back
13 Gripping and Relaxing Fists – slowly and gently close and open your hands, observing the feeling of pressure building up and releasing in your hand.
14 Tilting and Rolling Head – tilt your head from side to side or roll your head around very slowly, notice the sensations around the shoulders and neck
15 Bending Forwards and Leaning Back – standing up, slowly lean slightly forwards and then back, bending at the hips; notice the sensations in the torso as you lean in each direction
16 Waving Arms Up and Down – standing up, slowly bring your arms up to shoulder height in front of you and then lower them; whilst doing this notice the sensation of the air passing through the fingers and over the bare arms (or notice the clothing moving on your arms)
17 Fractal Pressing Paint – take two pieces of paper, drop some ready mixed paint on one, gently press the other piece of paper over the paint and slowly lift one corner; enjoy the process and the random artwork that you’ve created
18 Stepping – walking around your room in a very slow fashion; feel the sensation of the floor underfoot.
19 Gratitude – list 5 simple things that you are grateful for
20 Examining a Leaf – take a leaf and examine it, consider the texture, the colour, the patterns underside.