How to develop acceptance and find peace in an ever changing world

Life is not perfect. It has its ups and downs. If you’re lucky, you will have experienced some events that have been amazing but even with these great times, you will have experienced unhappy times, and some people may have experienced truly devastating times.

How can we learn to ride these waves, to become more resilient and not get ground down by the bad times?

Learning to accept what life throws at you can help you to bounce back more quickly. Bad times will still make you feel sad – you won’t treat events in an emotionless fashion – but you won’t feel so sad about things and your emotional state will recover more quickly so that you can get on with life.

So how can you learn to accept things? The simplest way is to start by accepting small things that are of little consequence.

  • try examining the painting at the top of this article, and just appreciating what could be described as a mess
  • don’t take yourself too seriously – learn to laugh at your mistakes and faults
  • practice acceptance daily – the more you do it, the more naturally you start to become accepting of things that you cannot control
  • find imperfections in the little things around you and practice appreciating them, whether it’s a crack on a wall, a tomato that’s not perfectly round or red or your phone that has a slight graze in the case.

With these simple tips, you can learn to become accepting of the things that you cannot control and feel happier.