Do you find meditation difficult?

Do you struggle to meditate?

Do you feel it is too daunting to just sit in silence?

Is your mind too busy to meditate?

Do you find that you just can’t stop thinking?

Does your mind jump from topic to topic keeping you stressed or anxious?

Have you tried meditation but find that when you return to the “real world”, you’re back to your old habits?

Do you regularly meditate but still find it difficult to focus your mind when you’re not meditating?

Mindful Motion has been specially designed for beginners. Rather than sitting still and requiring the practitioner to focus on something uninteresting and even, dare I say it, boring, you will experience the joy of moving which is just how your body was designed to be.

By simply focusing on how you’re moving, even if it isn’t perfect, you will get to enjoy the flowing, graceful movements that is taught in a Mindful Motion session, and experience relaxation with no effort or attempt to focus the mind.

And if you already practice meditation but still have problems benefiting from your practice in the real world where you can’t just sit in silence but have things to do, by simply enjoying the movements, you will find that it also helps you to practice applying mindfulness in the real world.