Work performance and goals – Mindful Motion is not just for beating stress!

Do you feel like you’re not getting things done as quickly as you would like due to interruptions?

Would you like to improve your ability to focus on the task at hand?

Improve your performance in the workplace

The practice of Mindfulness trains the mind to focus, to be able to concentrate when everything around you is noisy and chaotic, which leads to improved performance in the workplace.

Mindful Motion is a great way of practising focusing the mind. In a Mindful Motion session, you are encouraged to focus on the movements that you are making, including the way the limbs move in coordination with each other and the sensations you feel from moving.

The mind is like a muscle, and so, when you regularly practice focusing the mind on the various movements, it becomes easier to focus the mind in general.

And when you are able to focus, you will experience an improvement in your performance in the workplace.

Achieve your goals

How your body behaves will affect your mental and emotional state. For instance, if you slump your shoulders and look at the floor, you will start to feel weak and even depressed. If you go around with a gentle smile on your face, you will feel more positive than if you carry a frown everywhere. The mind-body connection really exists.

In Mindful Motion, it isn’t just about moving from one posture to the next, but the correct technique incorporates certain ways of moving in a relaxed fashion. Spiraling/twisting and having a stable posture are just some of the ways that Mindful Motion encourages you to adopt great work philosophies to help you to effectively achieve your goals.

Not just a meditative activity

And so, when you practice Mindful Motion, not only do you beat stress and achieve a greater sense of calm, but you can improve your performance in the workplace and beyond.