Great music for tai chi and yoga

IMGP2735biiAs a tai chi teacher, I always play music when I am running a class because:

  1. it helps to set the right mood
  2. it can hide any background noises such as things going on outside the room.

For these reasons, I would also recommend that if you practice tai chi, yoga or meditation, then you, too, play music during your session. It doesn’t have to be loud – I vary the volume according to whether I am explaining things or simply leading a chi kung routine.

I am often asked what music I recommend for students who wish to practice on their own.

Well, I use the following music in my classes:

The first one, Natural Sleep Inducement, is my favourite for tai chi, meditation and reiki because it is very relaxing and has sound going on continuously so even if there is noise outside the room, you’re less likely to hear it.

Naturally, everyone has different tastes in music and what some might consider relaxing, others may find irritating so here are some other tracks you could try: