Guide to detoxing

Detoxing is the process of eliminating harmful toxins to cleanse and repair your body. The detoxification process can be done for various reasons, for example, detoxing for weight loss can be done by nourishing your body with healthy treatments and therapies.

It is essential that you do not deprive your body of any key nutrients while on a detox. Safe and sensible detoxing can aid you in re-energizing your mind and body, removing stress to create a new and healthier you.

If you suffer from the stresses of day to day life, a tough working environment or poor diet, you may be experiencing symptoms including headaches, weak hair, allergies and colds and it is vital that you carry out a detox to rid yourself of the bad toxins from your body. It has been recommended by doctors that to have a healthy body you need to fully cleanse your body every year.

papaya1aThere are many different short and long term programmes for detoxing which can help you achieve your goals. Short term detoxing can include juice fasting, skin cleansing, and drinking lots of water. To begin a detox you need to eliminate alcohol, coffee and sugars from your diet and try to minimize stress. Long term fasting will include significant changes to your diet, such as eating more fiber, taking supplements and exercising regularly to improve your health and overall well-being.

If you are starting on a detox programme you will need to slowly cut out certain foods, and replace them with healthy alternatives and supplements. Cutting out foods can include removing saturated fats and alcohol from your diet. Try to replace these changes by drinking lots of water and Green Tea to help cleanse and purify your body.

The most important part of a detox is getting enough sleep at night. This can be hard with our busy lifestyles, but in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, long term changes need to be made to our daily routines. Sleep can help boost your concentration and energy levels so make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

To get the most out of your detox, practice meditation to calm and clear your mind.

The best way to detox is to keep active with regular exercise. Exercising will help target weight loss, boost your immune system, and produce feel-good endorphins to keep you calm and happy. There are many different fitness activities you can do to relax and unwind, including holistic therapies such as yoga and pilates, which will purify the blood pumping around your body. Perfect for detoxing, these exercises will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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