How does mindfulness work in Mindful Motion?

On the face of it, Mindful Motion looks like gentle exercise, so it can be confusing to the casual observer as to how Mindful Motion is in anyway related to mindfulness meditation. After all, Mindful Motion is described as a combination of flowing tai chi and yoga moves which does sound more like an exercise class such as BodyBalance!

So where is the mindfulness in Mindful Motion?

What you will find, even after the first taster session is that within a short space of time, you will experience a deep sense of inner calm and relaxation which comes about from the slow movements. The slowness of each movement will induce this relaxing and stress-reducing sensation within you which is further enhanced by gently focusing on the movements, meaning that any stressful thoughts that normally pervade your mind are set to one side.

And so, the simple act of focusing on the Mindful Motion movements is mindfulness in action.