Why do I need mindfulness?

Do you worry, get angry or suffer from stress and anxiety?

Worried about things all the time?

Always hooting your car horn when people cut you up?

Impatient or easily angered by others?

Find it hard to focus at work?

Easily distracted?

Always worried what people think about you?

Feeling stressed all the time?

Constantly replaying events in your head leading you to be anxious, angry or stressed out?

Then you will find mindfulness meditation and Mindful Motion useful!

Why will mindfulness help?

Regularly practising mindfulness will help you to beat stress and anxiety because it will train you to focus on the moment, enhancing your concentration and freeing you from worry and other negative emotions.

When you focus on the “now”, you cease thinking about the past or the future. And when you do this regularly, you will find it easier to stop thinking about the things that make you uncomfortable.