How to Create Your Own Unique Method

It’s time to compose your opus with the OPUS Method!

Why should you create your own method?

  • It helps to position you as an expert
  • People will feel like you know what you’re talking about
  • You will look established
  • It looks like you’ve been reflecting a lot on your industry and methodology.

Tara Brach has the RAIN process.

Andy Harrington has the Kick START system for giving a speech.

We all know about the 7 Ps of marketing.

And we have the 4 Ds of time management (do it now, delay, delegate, delete).

If you have at least some experience of working in your industry already, you will started to have developed your own way of doing things. It’s time to formally systemise your unique way.


  1. Order – Write down the order or criteria
  2. Phrases – Summarise each step as a word or phrase
  3. Unite – See what steps can be joined with others
  4. Switch – Rearrange where possible to form a relevant or common word or a number of repeated letters eg 5 Ps


And if you didn’t manage to come up with an acronym or set of letters, what you should find is that it’s made you think about systemising your approach more clearly.


Patricia Koops works with talented women struggling to realise their potential to shake off the harsh voice from the past and break free to do their impactful work.

She has developed her “Get your SWAG back!” programme using this method.

SWAG stands for Strengths, Worth, Attitude and Goals.

If you would like to find out more, please visit her site at

Other examples

Here are some that I’ve created over the years:

  • The BLOOM Framework
  • The EAST Method
  • The YAP Method
  • The HAPPY Principles
  • The 3 Es
  • And, of course, The OPUS Method!