What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a relatively new therapy combining the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine with modern psychology to help people overcome emotional, mental and physical issues, including stress management, addictions, weight loss, allergies, vision problems, headaches, panic/anxiety, asthma, trauma, PTSD, abuse and depression. It is a powerful yet simple technique…

To help you understand what EFT is about, remember the last time someone insulted you. Visualise them shouting at you. How do you feel? What can you feel? Where do you feel it? Is it heat or pressure or a fluttery feeling, perhaps? Is it in your chest or head or abdomen? This is the sensation of energy stagnating. By tapping specific points on various energy meridians, you can encourage the energy to start flowing again and avoid any future problems that this stagnating energy would cause such as illness or stress.

Whilst it won’t undo history, it will give you a sense of closure, meaning you can move on with your life without it affecting your future or influencing the decisions you make.

Watch the video featuring Gary Craig, EFT Founder:

Example: weight loss

Most weight loss techniques, for instance, the various diet plans or exercise regimes, usually result in an acceptable loss in weight, but as you probably know, before long, the motivation to continue these regimes has gone and you’re back to square one. A few months later, through guilt, need or desire, you will attempt another diet plan or exercise regime, only to repeat this, hence your weight just “yoyos” and you never experience true, healthy, permanent weight loss.

As an EFT therapist, I work on the cravings for the food you know you should not eat and then focus on the underlying causes which influence whether you go back to your old habits or not, thus helping you to achieve a new, lower, more healthy weight on a permanent level. In addition, I also set out a strategy for achieving a healthy weight loss rate (so none of this 5lbs a week nonsense that can put a serious strain on your body).

It’s about changing your lifestyle and eating habits to ensure permanent, long term, healthy weight loss.

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