Chi Kung meditation

Achieve inner calm and good health, learn to still the mind and achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Using various techniques including affirmations, visualisation and energy control, Chi Kung is an effective way of achieving wellness. If you are always suffering from the same illnesses, Chi Kung can be a great way of freeing the body of the underlying cause.

What does Chi Kung mean?

You’ve probably heard of the term “Kung Fu”. People will think of Bruce Lee and impressive feats of athleticism and fighting. The term really just refers to something that a person has mastered after spending a lot of time and effort doing. Gordon Ramsay is, therefore, a Kung Fu master!

So “Chi” means energy and “Kung” means work, and “Chi Kung” means “Energy Work”. According to Chinese Medicine, Chi is the energy or life force that flows within every living being (including plants) and if it stops flowing then the living being will become ill. Chi Kung is therefore used to keep energy/Chi flowing and encourage the flow of stagnating Chi.

Zhonghua Tong Lin Chi Kung movements

There are many different systems of Chi Kung. This version is my favourite and the one I teach to my students. I like the way it encourages the correct flow of energy, gets rid of toxic energy and introduces clean energy into the system.

The following list can be used as a reminder for the movements.

  1. Breathing Through The Whole Body
  2. Energising the Head to Dan Tien
  3. Circular Stretch with the Sword Finger
  4. Energising the Three Dan Tien
  5. Penetrating the Sky and Earth
  6. The Sideway Stretch
  7. Shaking Off Diseased Chi
  8. Slapping the Whole Body
  9. Circulating the Big Universe
  10. Circulating the Chi Around the Lower Dan Tien
  11. Concluding Exercise

If you would like to learn this form then please contact me.

Recommended music

When practising Chi Kung, it can be helpful to play relaxing music to block out external noises and enable you to more deeply relax into the moves.

I use the following music in my classes:

Some other music you could try: