How does Mindful Motion help with managing stress and anxiety

Everyone has their own threshold above which we can no longer manage stress. Over time, factors such as family, social and work pressures push us closer to that boiling point.

By regularly practising Mindful Motion, you can reduce the effect such aforementioned pressures have on you and so you’re moved further from that threshold or boiling point, much like a thermometer moving down its scale.

Diverting your attention from these various forces that cause you to get stressed by regularly repeating the various Mindful Motion movements, you can achieve a sense of relaxation. Simply focusing on the movements and flowing into each posture will help you to effortlessly relax, beat stress and overcome anxiety.

If you focus on the way you’re moving, your attention is on the “now”, and so you’re not thinking about the past or the future (which can both be sources of stress and anxiety).

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