Mindfulness and meditation app reviews

Smartphones aren’t always a big timewaster where you end up in pointless arguments on Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes they can be put to good use and help you to achieve inner calm.

Here are some apps that I’ve tried out.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

This app has both guided meditations and various sound effects and music with a timer for doing your own meditations or simply relaxing. The voice is soft and calming. This app requires an on-going subscription but you get access to some meditations without having to pay anything. [ Download Calm ]


Down-to-earth app that covers a variety of issues. You can even use it on your PC via their website. I love the graphics in the app – modern and fun. The only downsides are (1) on-going subscription (2) I found the voice a bit irritating, almost as if Jamie Oliver were running the session. This may appeal to you, of course.

Buddhify 2

Another app that covers a variety of issues and teaches you how to meditate even in the busiest of environments. The GUI is interesting with its circular menu. There are a variety of friendly speakers. It requires a one-off payment of just £2. The only downside is that the people leading the meditation do speak a little on the fast side.

Mindfulness: Art Of Being

The great thing about this app is that it includes a complete book on mindfulness. It also has a couple of free guided meditations but most of them are charged for. The problem is that the book, whilst good, has no facility to bookmark so if you don’t read it in a couple of sittings, you’ll forget where you are and if you do manage it, the text is so small your eyes will be sore. Also, it flickers when you scroll.

There are some nice touches eg the circular icon but this app does feel like it is a beta test.


A completely free Hare Krishna meditation app. You have a variety of speakers and the guided meditations cover mind, body and heart. You will learn to breathe differently.

It also covers mindfulness but there are fewer meditations in total and fewer subjects covered.

So which meditation app do I recommend?

I’d say that despite having to pay for it, the Buddhify one is my favourite. It really emphasises that meditation can be done anywhere and under any circumstance.

I would definitely give MHK a go, though.

Prefer to attend a mindfulness workshop?

If you would rather not use your phone and instead attend a workshop, why not contact us to arrange a workshop in your workplace where you can learn to manage stress and anxiety?