Pain management with EFT

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energy psychology system combining Eastern and Western philosophies and approaches. It was developed by Gary Craig who can explain best what EFT is about:

How can I manage my pain?

There are numerous points that EFT therapists can use to help you to overcome issues. I find that for managing pain, often we just need to use the basic tapping points from the karate chop point to the armpit as follows:

Try to memorise the points in this video before continuing. If you want, you may write them down to help you remember.

If you are still experiencing pain after trying the following application of EFT, then it’s possible that you will have to refer to a suitably qualified EFT therapist who will work with you in more detail.

How to apply it to soothe pain

Rate the pain out of 10.

Focus on the pain.

Tap the karate chop point with two fingers for 10-15 seconds.

Move to the next point (the inner eyebrow).

Focus on the pain while tapping the inner eyebrow point with two fingers for 10-15 seconds.

Repeat for the rest of the points remembering to focus on the pain while tapping.


When you have finished tapping the armpit point, rate the pain out of 10. If it has gone down a level or two, repeat the entire sequence from the karate chop point through to the armpit point. If it has not moved, try it again anyway just to check you’ve hit the right points.

If the pain intensity drops a bit then stops or does not change at all (or even gets worse) then I would recommend seeking the help of an EFT therapist who can work with you in more depth.